Lead Generation

We Feed Qualified Prospects to Your Sales Team

There’s no substitute for a lead generation strategy to continually create new sales opportunities for your sales staff.
It’s a fact most sales people don’t do their own lead generation. We generate new, prequalified leads for your business.

Our unique difference is our ability and desire to grind the strategies until they work. There’s no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy that’s going to work. Your business is unique and strategies take time to work. The type of marketing depends on the campaign. We use telemarketing, direct mail, email and search engine marketing.

We Build Strategies and Processes to Generate Prospects for Your Sales Team

1. Quantity of New Leads
How many new leads do you need? It depends on how many sales people you have and the length of your sales cycle process. Some companies have longer sales cycles than others. We can generate the right quantity of prequalified prospects. Your sales team needs the right quantity of leads to drive revenues.

2. Lead-to-Purchase Conversion
We focus on how many of the prequalified prospects we generate turn into paying customers. The lead-to-purchase conversion rate is driven by a number of factors in the entire marketing and sales process. We have to remove each of the constraints the process to reach a solid conversion rate. Your sales team wants the highest conversion rate possible.

3. Cost per Marketing Lead
We work with you to figure out a program having a comfortable cost per marketing lead. The costs depend on the type of marketing we use based on the target market we need to reach. We strive to provide solid prospects at an affordable price. Your sales team wants quality prospects to close.

4. Revenue per Sale
The revenue per sale depends on the type of product or service we are marketing. We track revenue per sale to drive the return on investment. Revenue per lead leads to other important metrics and helps to understand the value of a campaign. Your sales team wants to drive revenues based on a solid lead generation campaign.

Filling Your Sales Pipeline

A strong sales pipeline eliminates the up and down revenue pattern plaguing so many businesses. Your sales pipeline is a collection of all the sales opportunities your sales team has created. It ranges from hot prospects to cold leads. It includes deals you’re closing soon to companies that may take a couple of years to do business with you. Every company has an optimal number of sales cycles needed in a sales pipeline to guarantee revenue goals are met. For some companies it’s 100 sales cycles. For other companies it’s 1,000 sales cycles.

We help you build your sales pipeline. We help you overcome the weakest links in the sales pipeline and unlock your market’s potential.