Build Your Messaging Strategy

Strategically tell your market who you are and what you do

Every advertisement, flyer, sales deck, customer service instruction and social media post involves your messaging strategy. Your messaging communicates your purpose, intention, and strategy to the market.

Before someone buys your product, they first receive your messaging. An ad, email, post or message from a friend tells them about the features and benefits. An offer delivers a reduced price or value added. Competitive advantages are communicated, and a prospect may turn into a customer.

Who are you? Your messaging tells the market who you are and what you do in many different ways. Here are a few messaging tools we use:

Corporate Identity:
Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Principles, Goals, Position Statement, Product Concept, Value Proposition, Company Overview, Company History, Company Fact Sheet

Product Identity:
Product Description, Product Concept, Features and Benefits, Intrinsic Values, Product Fact Sheet, Product Pricing, Product Offers, Competitive Advantages, Wow factor​