Lead Generation

Not having a continuous source of qualified leads is the #1 project in small business.  It’s the single biggest constraint the majority of small businesses face. There’s no substitute for a lead generation strategy to continually create new sales opportunities for your sales staff.

It’s a fact most sales people don’t do their own lead generation. We generate new, prequalified leads for your business. Our unique difference is our ability and desire to grind the strategies until they work. There’s no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy that’s going to work. Your business is unique and strategies take time to work. The type of marketing depends on the campaign. We use telemarketing, direct mail, email and search engine marketing.

We use a variety of methods if we’re generating the leads. We use email, pay per click, telemarketing and social media.  We help you set up lead generation projects and build the key processes for a continuous program.

Sales Funnels

The sales funnel is a collection of sales cycles.  A salesperson has a sales funnel of all the sales cycles assigned to him or her.  A company has a sales funnel consisting of all the sales people’s sales funnels.  It’s called a sales funnel because of the progressive relationship between the quantity and quality of sales cycles in a funnel.  The higher the quality the lower the quantity.  There are more leads than qualified prospects.  There are more qualified prospects than customers.

A sales funnel contains sales cycles from all sales stages – lead, prospect, and customer. We help you build your sales funnel. We work with you to improve the operation of your CRM, work with your sales staff and help you build your deal flow.

Social Media

Social media is a great tool for small business. It’s free and it has serious potential for any business that learns how to use it.  Small businesses can implement social media to reach and engage customers – both current and potential. Customers today research  products and services and get recommendations using social media. Small businesses need a vibrant social media presence to be current with their market. Your market is on social media and expect you to be.

We help you develop a content strategy to create an audience and bring new customers into your business. We use social media properties like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to help you build your branding and presence. It’s important to figure out which social media platform is best for your business. It takes time and resources regardless of what platforms you are on. The key is to have clear goal and don’t overextend yourself.

Sales Training

We have a unique program to share with sales people. It provides a more concrete method for identifying  potential buyers. The model also helps sales people to avoid activity traps – things that make them busy but not productive.  It’s important to train sales people and introduce them to new concepts. Sales is an ever evolving process heavily affected by technology. Customers are more educated entering buying cycles and sales people need new strategies to stay ahead of the market.

We can train sales managers or entire sales teams and teach new techniques to improve productivity and efficiency in the sales process.

Sales Strategy

Sales strategy is a process within your company driving the focus and direction of your marketing and sales. You’re allocating resources to your sales strategy every hour of every day. The strategy needs to be end-to-end and comprehensive. It needs to be formal and proactive. Constraints in your sales strategy will slow your revenue growth and cause it to porpoise up and down. This up and down revenue pattern has serious side effects for your business.

We work with you to identify constraints in your sales strategy and develop solutions to improve throughput and help the business to grow.